Pennsylvania Divorce Do's & Don'ts

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The divorce process is seemingly straightforward, but untangling a relationship is a complicated legal matter. Because the process is complicated, you shouldn’t have to do it on your own.

Do Understand the Distinction Between Fault & No-Fault Divorce

If your spouse did something to cause your divorce (got arrested, cheated on you, etc.), it’s wise to investigate the fault-based divorce process. Although fault-based divorces require more work because you’re trying to prove your spouse’s wrongdoing, a successful fault-based divorce process can result in better outcomes for the innocent party (which could be you.)

Don’t Dissipate the Marital Estate

Some people think they can spend money and end up giving their spouse less during a divorce, but that’s not true. Your spouse can keep a record of all the things you’ve bought or sold during the divorce process, and in the end, you may owe money to your spouse for the money you’ve wasted. Additionally, judges may see this act as malicious, which could hurt your case in the long run.

Do Stay off Social Media Concerning Your Divorce

It’s tempting to tell the world about your divorce and to call out your spouse in front of your friends. However, that’s not a recommended course of action. In divorce court, your spouse may attempt to use messages, e-mails, and social posts as evidence against you in your case. Therefore, the best course of action is to stay off social media while going through your divorce.

Don’t Go it Alone

Divorce is a complicated legal matter with an array of factors to consider. Unfortunately, many people think they understand the process and end up hurting the potential outcomes of their cases. Therefore, if you’re starting or going through a Pennsylvania divorce, consider talking to a family lawyer from the O’Malley Law Office about your case.

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