Protection From Abuse Orders

Clarks Summit Family Lawyer for Domestic Abuse Victims in Scranton & Lackawanna County

If you need to file a Protection From Abuse (PFA) order or are facing such an order, a Clarks Summit family law attorney at O’Malley Law Office, LLC can offer much-needed legal counsel. We are committed to helping victims of domestic abuse seek relief through PFA orders and other legal means. We also recognize the harm that false allegations of domestic violence may have and can offer counsel in challenging an invalid PFA order filed out of anger or in an attempt to gain custody or support.

Your happiness and physical well-being may be on the line. Do not take any chances with sub-par counsel.
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Key Facts About Protection From Abuse Orders

A PFA order is a court order that provides protection for a victim of domestic violence, prohibiting contact and specific activities by the alleged abuser for up to three years. Obtaining a PFA order is just one step on the road to protect a victim from abuse. We can work with you to determine how to best protect yourself and your children in these sensitive matters. With a Clarks Summit family lawyer from our firm by your side, you can feel confident that your safety will be at the forefront of our concerns.

The following are key facts about PFA orders. Understanding these can help you make informed choices about pursuing or challenging a PFA order:

  • PFA orders apply to specific parties, including:
    • Spouses or ex-spouses;
    • Domestic partners;
    • Same-sex couples;
    • Parents;
    • Children;
    • Family members; and
    • Persons in a romantic relationship.
  • PFA orders do not cover acts by strangers or a person with whom the victim is not intimately involved.
  • A PFA order may prohibit various conduct by the alleged abuser, including:
    • Contacting the victim;
    • Coming within a certain distance of the victim;
    • Harassing the victim;
    • Abusing the victim; or
    • Any of the above in regard to the victim’s children.
  • A PFA order may also require the alleged abuser to give back keys, toys, clothing, or other important items.
  • A violation of a PFA order may result in an arrest and criminal charges.

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Protection From Abuse Orders


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