How Is Pennsylvania Child Support Calculated?

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Divorcing couples must resolve numerous critical issues before their separation is recognized in the eyes of the law. Few matters carry more weight than the well-being of their minor children. A monetary provision known as child support is geared towards ensuring children are provided for and do not incur any undue hardships as a result of their parents' split.

Pennsylvania Child Support

Child support is a court-mandated payment a divorced spouse pays to their former partner as a means of economic assistance. A judge will typically determine if this obligation is necessary, determine how much money must be remitted, and create a suitable payment schedule.

How Are Child Support Payments Calculated In Pennsylvania?

When child support is calculated, the courts examine the children and family’s life to determine how much money is needed to sufficiently care for the child.

Several factors determine how Pennsylvania family courts calculate child support, including:

The Physical Custody Schedule

Typically, separating spouses agree to some type of parenting plan where one parent holds the majority of physical custody with the non-custodial spouse still holding a discernible percentage. In such instances, the non-custodial parent will likely be required to pay this obligation. The spouse found to hold more than 50 percent of the overnight periods in a year is considered the primary custodial parent.

The Number Of Children

The court also looks at how many children the parents have with each other and if they have children with other parents.

The Parent’s Monthly Incomes

The incomes each parent has following taxes will determine specific payment amounts.

Miscellaneous Expenses

The court might additionally factor in if one or both parents will bear responsibility for a host of other miscellaneous expenses. For example, costs of living, food, If custody is an even split, the parent with the larger income may have to pay child support to the individual with a lesser amount. However, this is not always the case.

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