Do Father's Have Custody Rights in Pennsylvania?

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When divorce is in the foreseeable future, both parties are faced with many unanswered questions. The father of a minor child will often have concerns regarding their child custody rights and if and if it differs from the custody rights of the child’s mother.

If you and your family reside in the state of Pennsylvania, it is important that you understand what the law is in PA. Our skilled Pennsylvania family law attorney is here to help you understand a father's rights in PA in order to help you navigate your child custody case.

Pennsylvania Child Custody

What Rights Do Fathers Have in Pennsylvania?

The law in Pennsylvania will generally favor a 50/50 split between parents in a child custody matter. This will take certain circumstances into account. For instance, if the facts of a hearing reveal that one of the parents is deemed to be unfit, this frequently changes that outcome.

When one party contests the settlement, the courts will decide. As a father, the need for an experienced divorce and family law lawyer is crucial to helping you reach the goals you hope to achieve in your custody suit.

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An attorney who has a thorough knowledge of PA’s child custody laws will help you by standing alongside you and protect your rights as a father. You need an attorney who is an experienced litigator who will aptly represent you in your case and negotiate on your behalf. It is not recommended that any father of a minor child enters into a child custody issue without the advice and guidance of a professional.

O'Malley Law Office specializes in family law. Our Clarks Summit child custody law firm and serves clients throughout Lackawanna County, including the areas of Scranton, Dalton, Dunmore, and others. Our prominent family law attorney at O’Malley Law Office has years of experience working with fathers and parents and is always available to help you.

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